Hot weather and dog shit are a rank combination so my heart went out to the bloke with the pooper scooper bag in the park today cleaning up after his seven dogs.


‘There’s a time for departure  even when there is no certain place to go.’

Tennessee Williams


‘It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.’

E. E  Cummings


Friday. 4pm. The dead zone when the clocks stop. Couldn’t quite face going back to the office so sat on the cold stone steps of the stairwell drifting away to the distant chatter of birdsong and summer.


My aim was low and vague when applying for Olympic tickets going for sports unlikely to garner much interest beyond desperados like me including Greco-Roman wrestling.

And so it is my fate that I will be going to the greatest show on earth to watch some Turkish midget power lift the weight of a car above his head in the powerlifting competition.

I’ll have to bone up on all the jargon about snatch and lifts, clean jerks and like.

A friend also snaggled some fencing tickets so its real crème de la crème stuff come summer 2012.


If you head a mental health trust it is most probably not the done thing to come out of your office with the words ‘I must be going mad but …’

Jun 242011


There’s more than a touch of the X-Files about the hospital grounds I work in. It’s not helped by the NHS’s love of cryptic names and my over active imagination. There’s the deserted Bungalow 5, the Phoenix Unit and Suite 5136. Of course, the effect gets lost when you turn the corner and see the family planning unit and on-site cafe discharging the stink of a thousand bastard fry-ups.


We live in an age of super technology where electronic communication is king PS. Does anyone know where the bell is?


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