It’s nice to get away from the gilded shop fronts of the West End  and enjoy the eclectic objects on display outside a shop in Tottenham. This included a toilet seat, a large piece of shrink wrapped piece of water melon (£3.20), an ash tray and packet of Ostrich feathers. Stocking up for the apocalypse? This is the place to go.


I can’t imagine this tattoo would go down well in Iraq.


Puny little guy on the bus today with a tattoo saying: ‘Every dog will have its day’ written over his forearm. It was obviously working nicely for him loaded down with shopping and a hatchet faced missus berating him.



A lot of the site I work on is empty as befits NHS hospitals these days and I like nothing better than a snoop around the empty buildings. Problem was when I opened a door  and the whole floor’s alarm system went off.

I ran for the hills like the coward I am passing some cheesed off looking security guard demanding to know if I’d seen anyone lurking around. 

 ”No, but I’ll keep an eye open,” I said with the sweat of guilt on my forehead.


Senior management do have a way with words. One of our directors popped his angry little red face out of the office today about an upcoming meeting demanding that he wanted a senior opposite number present, not ‘a dishwasher.’

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