The longer I work in mental health, the more I think some of the people who work in the profession are on the wrong side of the ward door. Now I know why they are called PSYCHOtherapists and PSYCHOanalysts.


Never ride home on a bicycle under the influence. Never ride home on a bicycle under the influence in London.  Never ride home on a bicycle under the influence in London on a Saturday night. I’ll take the bus next time.



Oh, to be an office cleaner. The list of duties posted on the wall of our office include ‘removing finger smudges from glass panels on either side of entry door,’ ‘dusting chair legs’ and ‘removing all window smears.’ 


‘You cannot judge the importance of things by the noise they make.’

Goodbye Mr Chips


Nov 062011

Had the pleasure (not) of taking the nipper to see The Smurfs – The Movie yesterday at the local cinema. There is a kid’s club every Saturday morning and entering the auditorium was a return to Bedlam. Screaming kids, popcorn flying all over the place, vacant faced parents steeling themselves for 90 minutes of boredom while pumping their offspring up with industrial levels of sugar. It was a long 90 minutes.


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