Public art card left in the Wellcome Centre


One of the responses on a public notice board asking people to name Britain’s greatest queen.



Never ride home on a bicycle under the influence. Never ride home on a bicycle under the influence in London.  Never ride home on a bicycle under the influence in London on a Saturday night. I’ll take the bus next time.



Oh, to be an office cleaner. The list of duties posted on the wall of our office include ‘removing finger smudges from glass panels on either side of entry door,’ ‘dusting chair legs’ and ‘removing all window smears.’ 


My wife is helping a French lady out with a new website in exchange for giving our daughter some exposure to another language.

The first session ended with the teacher asking Rain if she remembered what “le pomme’ meant in English (that’s apple  for the mono-lingual savages among us).

Our three year-old turned to her and said in a very confidant voice: “I think it means gravy.”



Why talk to people when an angry arms-length note posted on a lamp post will do. It involves that heady cocktail of angry neighbours, canine excrement and dumped rubbish. Let battle commence…


I’m just impressed someone that pissed could climb a lamp-post in the first place. Bloody students haven’t they got anything better to do then make the rest of us laugh.

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