“Nowhere in the world will you find a statue of a critic, or the biography of a committee.”

David Puttnam, film director




Nov 062011

Had the pleasure (not) of taking the nipper to see The Smurfs – The Movie yesterday at the local cinema. There is a kid’s club every Saturday morning and entering the auditorium was a return to Bedlam. Screaming kids, popcorn flying all over the place, vacant faced parents steeling themselves for 90 minutes of boredom while pumping their offspring up with industrial levels of sugar. It was a long 90 minutes.



Nice to see the mighty Rutger Hauer can still star in some quality trash like Hobo with a Shotgun. I was going to have a moan about him going to the dogs but what can you say from an actor who gave such memorable performances in Blade Runner, Blind Fury and Salute of the Juggar (well, scratch the last one).

Mar 042011

Good films are like London buses. You wait for one forever then two turn up together. Who would have thought a film about a stutterer (The King’s Speech) and ballet (The Black Swan) would prove so entertaining?

Black Swan is so gloriously barmy and OTT you stumble into the post performance daylight feeling like you’ve been ten rounds. Harry Potter your time is up.


Quality sounds effects.



Is it just me or is Lord Voldemort related to the Tweenies?



It’s nice to see in this age of squeaky clean, wheat grass munching thespians a throwback like Charlie Sheen.

Sheen, god bless his Hawaiian print socks, has had numerous run-ins with the law involving ex-wives, guns, cocaine, alcohol and prostitutes as well as starred in some masterful clangers including Navy Seals and Hot Shots: Part Deux.

I’ve got a soft spot for him although I’m sure his former partners are less forgiving.

His latest run-in with the law combined most of the above mentioned debauchery in one uber blow-out that led to his arrest (again). Long may you reign.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away rap music wasn’t all about trainers, bitches and gold jewellery. Cop a load of this…

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