I took up cycling again after an absence of more than 30 years and am amazed by the total lack of road sense shown by many cyclists on London’s roads.

Their kamikaze like approach includes riding through red lights, turning without signaling, cycling between high-sided trucks and not wearing helmets. There seems to be some self righteous attitude among two wheelers that they have the right to do what they want because they aren’t polluting the atmosphere.

I’m more worried of other cyclists than motorists on the road. You have the Chris Boardman wannabes with their drop handlebars and lurid genital crushing Lycra, the dreamboat Marys on their boneshakers and the garden variety types who should still have stabilisers on the back wheels.

Its a mobile circus out there and the clowns are running the show.

There is now talk of introducing some EC directive that says an accident between a cyclist and motorist will automatically be the fault of the latter. What madness is that? I have never driven a car but can still see how asinine that law is.

Common sense, a bit of road savvy and some courtesy would go a long way. It’s about time cyclists got their own house in order instead of bleating on about too much traffic on the roads.

The greatest concentration of two wheeled idiots seem to be around Shoreditch where they seem more interested in who is watching them cycle than cycling themselves. We need the USAF to carpet bomb the whole area to restore some sanity.

A good start would be to drop a daisy-cutter on Hoxton’s cycling population.

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