Conquistador Hernando Cortez had a novel way of focusing the minds of his six hundred strong army that landed in Santa Cruz in 1519.

The small band of soldiers had come with the intention of plundering the wealth of the Aztec Empire but knew they were heavily outnumbered and isolated.

Once his men and supplies were onĀ  land Cortez ordered all the boats to be burnt cutting off any possibility of retreat.

Losing wasn’t an option if they wanted to see home again and their lives depended on focusing their collective will on what lay before them.

Cortez went on to conquer the Aztecs, despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

We can’t go around invading countries these days – unless you are the US – but what if you focused all your effort and commitment on a single goal? That you refused to entertain the thought of failure, burned your personal boats, and committed yourself to success? Powerful idea.

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