Got puked over again in the bus by mini me. A bit better than a couple of weeks ago when some of it went over a passenger’s head. Staggered off the No. 55 into the brightness of another day smelling like a wino.


Stiff upper lip on the bus this morning. The little one says she feels ill and the next minute throws¬†up down the front of my shirt. Unfortunately, a flick of it hits the back of the guy’s head sitting in front of us. Not sure if he notices he’s got some vomit detritus in his hair but just stares straight ahead without flinching.¬†Very British! The little one douses me a couple of more times before we get off. She nods off in the buggy and I have to wheel us five miles home in a puke soaked shirt at 10am in the morning. Must have been a hell of a night.

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