The prospect of coming into work these days is akin to clocking in at a Siberian gulag. Our boss, the seemingly benign Sith apprentice, permanently teeters on the edge of boiling point while we scuttle around trying to avoid contact with her.

She increasingly communicates through angry glares and terse emails while clumping around like Captain Ahab on the main deck (where is the whale when you need it?).

Someone passed her the other day with a ‘cheer up, it might never happen’ which is guaranteed to piss anyone off.  She bit deep into the lemon on that one before forcing out a weak smile as it was a superior. I tried hard not to laugh.


The boss is starting to look more and more like Star Wars nasty Darth Sidious.

The combination of an increased workload, impeding unemployment and arse licking beyond the call of duty has given her a scowling visage of the evil one.

Laughs are thin on the ground, loitering with intent to gossip by the water cooler a punishable offence and the march of the office jackboot is on the rise.

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