There’s some angry people out there as I discovered on the catchily named ‘Crap Cycling and Walking‘ blog which unleashes an impressive tide of bile on my local council and its seemingly benign efforts to improve, you guessed it, cycling and walking.

It seems those fiends at Waltham Forest Council can do no good. I found the road rage blog particularly amusing which lists the various assaults on cyclists by belligerent motorists including a classic comment by a cyclist who reported feeling ‘tremendous pain’ when a lorry ran over him. It’s no laughing matter but I did anyway.

I must admit my own road rage has increased tenfold since taking to two wheels but it’s largely directed at the antics of fellow cyclists who would have made fine kamikaze pilots in a past life.

I expect to be featured on the road rage blog shortly.


I swapped my bike for the train this week. I’d forgotten the madness of public transport, despite more than two decades as an inmate.

The tinny music blaring out of phones, the screeching school kids and smell of wet coats like you’re trapped in a sheep pen.

The pushing, jostling sweat of humanity in all its irritation, indifference and blank faced resignation. I’ll be back on two wheels next week. Bring on the rain.

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