The Evil Minds Research Museum certainly beats padding around the Natural History Museum on a Sunday afternoon.

The museum, located in the basement of the FBI’s Quantico headquarters, houses various artifacts collected or created by some of the world’s most notorious serial killers including correspondence, drawing and paintings.

Needless to say it isn’t open to the public and is used as a resource for agents to gain insight into the minds of human predators.

The painting on the left is by John Wayne Gacy.


The good and saintly grape versus the sweet satanic temptation of the lemon cup cake.

If ever there were a metaphor for the eternal struggle for humanity’s soul it clashed on my desk this afternoon.

I thought I’d capture the stand-off only for my boss to lean over my shoulder and ask me what the hell I was doing. Research my dear lady. Research.

Such are the stones cast by the philistines.

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