GPs are one of the few professions who enjoy an almost untouched position of trust in the community as long as you take Harold Shipman out of the equation.

However, GP Jonathan Munday scored a spectacular own goal when journalists discovered his self styled family crest reads¬†Non Angelus sed Anglus – No Angel but at least I’m English.

The crest quickly disappeared from his website after reporters looked more closely at the man who heads a powerful group of GPs who wrote into a national paper earlier this week supporting Government plans to give doctors control of an annual budget of more than £70 billion.


I’ve always got on well with the GP I work with his tales of woe about the amount of money his wife will blow in the gold shops of Dubai, his teenage daughter’s volcanic moods and the pram throwing antics of some of his colleagues.

However, it’s always nice to get someone else’s perspective.

‘You get on with him?’ someone asked somewhat surprised.

‘Yes, he’s nice guy.’

‘Nice? More like an iron fist in a velvet glove.’

Sounds painful.

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