Crabs and creatures like them all belong to a family of crushed Asians.

If it is less than 90 degrees it is a cute angel.

Sir Walter Raleigh circumcised the world in a big clipper.

Then Joan of Ark met her fate. She was burned as a steak.

One of the most important farces is the farce that pulls things to the ground. This farce is called gravy

(from Spelling Slips and Homework Howlers  by Richard Benson)


Some amusing newspaper mistakes and juxtapositions that have appeared in print:

·        We all know that aging is a fact of life but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

·        The former Labour minister leading the campaign compared the Chancellor to Mrs Rochester, the man woman in Charles Dickens’ novel Jane Eyre.

·        John Fielding was Henry Fielding’s blind half-brother, not half-blind brother as earlier stated (from a correction that was printed).

·        Chemise and matching French knockers.

·        He was hell-bent on becoming a priest.


Newspapers pride themselves on producing tight literal copy but even they get it wrong somethimes:

‘Marijuana issue sent to a joint committee’

 ‘Something went wrong in jet crash, experts say.’

 ’Clinton wins budget; more lies ahead.’

 ‘Some 40% of female gas station employees on Metro are women’

‘The Low-Self Esteem Group will meet Thursday from 7.00-8.00pm. Please use the back door.’

‘Free Yorkshire Terrier. 8 years old. unpleasant little dog’

‘Nice parachute never opened used once slightly stained.’

‘Free: farm kittens. ready to eat’

‘For sale: Lee Majors (6 million dollar man)$50.’

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