It seems the British public have to endure an almost daily roll call of government cuts, sorry savings, to public services.

The not-so gorgeous Chancellor George Osborne is warming to his role as a fiscal Jack the Ripper. No doubt, we’ll wake up to find our collective throats cut one day.

And I was worried about global warming or being blown up.


The first faint whiff of impeding damnation is present in the workplace as people begin to realise that the Coalition Government’s crocodile of unemployment is hungry for more victims.

The Government is so fixated on reducing the national debt that it doesn’t seem to mind impoverishing half the population in the process.

It’s the perfect excuse for Cameron and Co. to carry on Mad Maggie’s legacy under the auspices of bringing the economy back onto an even keel.

No pain, no gain grunts chancellor George Osborne as he shafts the nation into fiscal submission.

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