What is it with the lost and found brigade who discover religion and then feel obliged to become self styled disciples accosting us sinners on public transport with their frothy lipped rants about damnation and being cast unto the black pit?

“Don’t be sinner, God’s a winner’, was the mantra being yelled in my ear by some glassy eyed convert on the tube today.

Yes, yes now let me get back to my sinning ways.


Humans generate enough madness in the world without conjuring up visions of the devil and blaming it on satanic hocus pocus. Too much TV. Too much religion.


It’s been quite a week for the spiritual shepherds of the world.

In the western corner we have Pastor Terry Jones doing his bit for global harmony with his will he, won’t he burn a Koran saga, while  papal emissary  Walter Kasper declared that Britain was a third world country.

Not wanting to be outshone Islamic extremists have taken umbrage at a north African nightclub called Meca saying it is an insult to Islam forced its closure.

Good job they don’t know about the Mecca bingo chain.


‘God has no religion.’


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