The nation’s shop-keepers run the occupational risk of late night party goers using their premises as an el fresco lavatory but for some it’s just too much.

I love the ‘thank you’ at the end. Very British.


A classic advert that appeared in the local newsagent shop this week. I love the caveat about performing ‘wifely duties.’ Well, at least he’s honest about what he wants.


Shop names sometimes hit the zeitgeist of our times for better or worse.

I remember a pub in east London called the Scud when Sadaam Hussain was firing off missiles of the same name left, right and centre in order to provoke a reaction from the West including one that looked like it had hit the front bar.

Tottenham boasts a hair salon called Hairport tipping its mullet to Harold Robbins potboiler Airport, while Ilford has the Baghdad Hair Salon which promises explosive hair styling.

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