The moronic inferno is being stoked higher by the day with William Hague rattling his stick in the can. How did that over zealous boy scout become our Foreign Secretary? It was all brought into beautiful relief a couple of weeks ago when the front page of one of the red tops ran the headline ‘You couldn’t run a bath’ highlighting his questionable diplomatic skills in Libya. What can we expect next? Sending our 15 tanks into action against the Red Army?

Anyone who appears on stage with Margaret Thatcher as a teenager should be sealed away in a drum with ‘break only in cases of emergency’ stamped on the front of it.


The general public seems blissfully unaware that the Conservative, sorry, Coalition Government is privatising the National Health Service.

Health minister Andrew Lansley has agreed to the abolition of primary care trusts in favour of handing the financial reins to GP consortia by 2013. This train has already left the station.

I’m sure most people aren’t aware that GPs aren’t NHS employees but privately-run businesses that trusts pay to treat local people.

It would be naive to think that clinicians can’t be as self-serving and devisive as anyone else , especially when the Government has said that GPs who perform well will be financially rewarded.

So, we are giving these private businesses billions of pounds of public money to, no doubt, employ other private sector companies at the cost of thousands of NHS jobs and further line their pockets.

I’m not blinkered enough to see that there isn’t huge duplication and wastage in primary care trusts and their top heavy management structures but at least they were impartial and could impose performance targets on GP practices.

Margaret Thatcher must be putting on her glad rags and shaking out the blue rinse bottle at the prospect of David Cameron and Co. finishing off her handiwork. I can feel a 1980s revival coming

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