You have to laugh at some of the current terminology used by the National Health Service in describing job cuts.

Downsizing, staff rationalisation, ratio reduction, cost saving efficiencies, market lean workforce and effective staff redeployment (to the dole office) are just a few examples of management speak which allow the masters of the universe to think of us all as jelly beans and  potato chips. Where is ‘V’ when we need him?


Job cuts loom in the workplace but our boss insists on marching us over the cliff with a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts

It feels like being in some World War One film where the officer sends his men over the top knowing they are going to certain death with a ‘chin up, lads. We’ll be home for supper.”

I agree that there is little to be gained from wallowing in bad news but stop short of ignoring reality.

Management seem to live in some laudanum soaked alternative reality where they think everyone believes their cant and waffle. I felt my eyes begin to glaze after hearing the latest pep talk aimed at keeping us working until we enter the meat grinder and are left to our fate with a kind word.

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