“It takes a long time to become young .”

Pablo Picasso


Many a young man paces the planet with furrowed brow and serious counternance. Some of them seem in an awful hurry to grow up without realising they’ve got the rest of their lives to spent there.

I met such an earnest young bod on a voluntary course last week.

M. was 17 (going on 70), had a fledgling milk moustache and wanted to be a doctor.

The tutor asked each of us what attributes we’d look for in a potential friend. His po-faced reply was ‘someone who isn’t juevenile and takes life seriously.’

Crikes! He should be the boatkeeper to Hades with such a sunny disposition.

There was something really sad about it though. Not because he knows what he wants but the lack of lightness, laughter and freedom everyone at that age has a right to enjoy.

A light soul never stopped anyone shining.


Sat opposite a girl today who was chewing gum, listening to her i-pod and gaming at the same time.  She managed to look completely vacant, despite the sensory overload.

Someone pass the electric cattle prod.

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