I question the wisdom of letting cephalopods dictate human thinking.

Novelist John Wyndham gave warning of Mother Nature’s soft skinned psychos but we still worship the likes of Paul the Octopus (see left) who had bookies in tears with his sure footed prediction of the World Cup’s winning teams.

Paul, also known as the soothsayer and psychic octopus, needs to be watched closely. It’s only a short eight legged step before he gets his slippery tentacles into other pies.

A sachet of weed killer in his tank should do the trick.

  2 Responses to “That’s Mr Octopus to you, boy”

  1. I beg to differ. Octopuses have been concerned with divination since Homeric times in ancient Greece. Where an Octopus named Polypuspus was involved in enthusiastic prophecy regularly at the Delphi Oracle. He never failed to amaze. I’m a sure believer.
    Nice one for blogging the article. Look forward to reading more. Yours Josef.

  2. Thank you Josef. I am but a lowly crustacean envious of my eight legged competitors.

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